sometimes when we touch这首歌表达的是什么意思?

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Sometimes when we touch - 美国乡村音乐 You ask me if I love you你问我爱不爱你 And I choke on my reply我不知该怎么回答 I’d rather hurt you honestly坦城的回答会伤害你 Than mislead you with a lie不过那也比我向你撒谎要强 For who am I to judge you通过我对你的判断 In what you say or do通过你的所作所为 I’m only just beginning我刚刚开始 To see the real you认清一个真实的你 And sometimes when we touch有些时候我们接触 The honesty’s too much彼此太过坦白 And I have to close my eyes我闭上眼睛 And hide把自己隐藏 I want to hold you till die我想拥有你直到死去 I’ll we both break down and cry直到我们分开的那一天 I want to hold you till the fear in me subsides我想抱着你直到不能生存 Romance’s an honest strategy浪漫就像一场甜蜜的战役 Leaves me grappling with my pride让我失去我的骄傲 But through the years of maturity但是当很多年成熟以后 Some tenderness survives依然健在的只是亲切 I’m just another writer我不过是一个另类的作家 Still trapped within my truth仍然会在我的真理中被诱捕 A hesitant prizefighter一个意志不坚定的战斗者 Still trapped within my youth仍然会在我的真理中被诱捕 At times I’d lied to break you很多次我用说谎来伤害你 And drive you to your knees使你拜倒在我的旗下 At times I’d like to break through很多次我想冲破它 And hold you endlessly永远抱着你,拥有你 At times I understand you很多时候我懂你 And I know how hard you try我知道你的努力有很多艰难 I’ve watched while love commands you我一直注视着你,但是爱情在命令着你 And I’ve watched love pass you by我看到爱情和你擦肩而过 At times I think we’re drifters有时我觉得我们都是溺水者 Still searching for a friend直到找到一个朋友 A brother or a sister一个兄弟或一个姐妹 But then the passion flares again但是激情又一次闪耀 歌词和翻译附上,你看了知道他在表达什么吗? 或者说是什么样的感情?
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